Couples Programme

Under pressure from constant activity and expectations that the modern world creates, couples often find themselves exhausted and disconnected. The intimate aspect of the relationship suffers or even becomes completely defunct. Impenetrable, invisible and unspoken barriers are built.

In addition, negative cultural conditioning and sexual trauma is an epidemic and growing problem in our society.  This can cause extraordinary levels of pain, despair and isolation and can have a profoundly negative effect on relationships.

We offer a non-judgemental environment for couples to rediscover and restore intimacy based on more compassionate, honest and skilful communication where both parties feel valued.  We provide a step-by-step process for couples that offers practical and effective tools within a gently evolving programme.  It brings couples safely and gently into a more honest, nourishing and intimate relationship.  The programme addresses unhelpful early conditioning in order to develop a new relationship with oneself and others. This ICASA Ten-Step programme is focused on the restoration of the intimate and sexual aspect of the relationship.

It can help to

  • Restore hope to those in unhappy relationships
  • Overcome sexual problems and anxieties
  • Empower each individual within the relationship to be more authentically themselves.
  • Build successful long lasting relationships

A couple will be brought through the programme by a male and female mentor, ensuring a balanced perspective for both partners in the relationship.  It is practical and experiential, with very high success rates when both partners are committed to the process. It is a structured professional therapeutic programme involving a partnership of considerable commitment, honesty and courage between clients and mentors.

The ICASA Ten-Step Programme is a sexual therapy with proven efficacy in resolving intimacy and sexual problems over the last 20 years in therapeutic practice in the UK.  Peter and Caragh Thompson trained with David Brown, the founder of the The Centre for ICASA in the UK and The ICASA Ten-Step Sexual Recovery Programme.

Peter Thompson MIACP, MICASA is a co-founder of The Well Centre in East Cork.   He has worked in private Psychotherapy practice since 2005 and is an associate of the Trácht Psychotherapy Foundation in Co. Galway.  He has a special interest in Body Psychotherapy and sexuality in the context of couples therapy and has trained as an ICASA Mentor at the Centre for ICASA in Bedfordshire, UK. He is currently collaborating with the Centre for ICASA in developing this unique approach to working with sexual trauma in Ireland.

Caragh Thompson Dip. ION, MICASA is a co-founder and manager of The Well Centre in East Cork and trained as an ICASA Mentor at the Centre for ICASA in Bedfordshire, UK.  She mentors couples through the ICASA Ten-step Recovery programme and has a special interest in working with women.  She previously trained as a Nutritionist at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London.

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